ABC says Duttons backers are “nasty”

ABC says Duttons backers are “nasty”, by Jane Norman.

Fresh details have emerged about the “nasty” standover tactics employed by some of the Liberal “insurgents” as they tried to build support for Peter Dutton during their failed leadership coup last month.

Sources have told the ABC that during the “horrible, bruising week”, Mr Dutton’s backers would enter colleagues’ offices uninvited, and sometimes first thing in the morning, and refuse to leave unless they signed the petition to bring on a spill

One MP said it was only after a “terse exchange” that their colleague agreed to leave.

Joanne Nova:

Oh look, the ABC has unnamed sources that Dutton’s backers led to at least one “terse exchange”. The Drama!

Well, that’s it then. Who needs a terse Parliament? I bet if ScoMo’s fans were a bit mean the ABC would report that too….

People asking to see secret ballots would be unfair, but then, it’s all anonymous unsourced reporting — pretty easy for a ScoMo fan to amplify “free of charge”.

The ABC is afraid of Dutton.

Politics is full of arm-twisting. But it’s only “nasty” and “bullying” when non-PC people do it.

The name-calling and selective reporting rolls on at the taxpayer-funded national broadcaster. The ABC is irredeemable, because lefty ideologues only hire fellow lefty ideologues. So it must be abolished.