The Democratic Party’s true, and violent, believers

The Democratic Party’s true, and violent, believers, by Tammy Bruce.

We have a genuine chicken-or-egg issue regarding antifa and the Democratic Party’s true believers. On the one hand, we have the violent liberal group antifa, which exists to punish and hurt people for not believing as they do. On the other, we have the Democratic Party and “mainstream” liberals who exist to punish and destroy people and companies for not sharing their opinions.

It’s now obvious antifa and the Democratic Party represent the same disturbing agenda: Attack, defame and attempt to destroy those who do not share your opinion. The only issue now is this: Who’s influencing whom? …

For quite some time, the media has portrayed the anarchist group antifa as a rogue group, not aligned with and certainly not a “liberal” group. …

Antifa demands censorship of those who don’t conform, and punishment of entities that dare to facilitate free speech — in between throwing balloon bombs of urine and feces at law enforcement, of course.

The Democratic Party version of this is to demonize U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, as many in the party’s leadership call for the dismantling of the agency itself.

The Democratic Party’s decline has been slightly more measured, but its preference and instinct to harm those who dare to hold different views has been regularly on display.