Sexuality quotas? Really?

Sexuality quotas? Really? By Mark Powell.

The Australian Taxation Office has set a three per cent “benchmark” for staff to identify as gay, bisexual or transgender, under a plan that encourages employees to feel safe to come out of the closet”. …

Women now represent 60 per cent of employees in the Australian Public Service. … The question that I — and I’m sure many other people — have is, “So, who is going to address the gross inequity of this situation?” Or do male lives not matter as much as female ones?

What’s more, why has the ATO set the benchmark for its ‘sexuality quota’ of three per cent when — according to The Australian Bureau of Statistics — same-sex couples account for only 0.9 per cent of all couples in Australia? Prior to the same-sex marriage vote, Magda Szubanksi told us ad nauseam that something like 10 per cent of the population identified as LGBTIQ.

Reality: About 3% of males are gay, less than 1% of females are lesbian, and true transgenders are rare.

hat-tip Stephen Neil