Back from break

Back from break. This is a sticky post at the bottom of the front page, for a couple of days.

What a time in Australian politics to be on a break! It was one of those periods of sudden change, that punctuate the much longer periods of equilibrium. I am of course referring to the Liberal Party’s leadership tussle, and the balance between the PC and non-PC camps among the federal Liberal parliamentarians.

The basic fact is that the events confirmed that, in the current Parliament, the PC-leaning members of the Liberal Party slightly outnumber the non-PC Liberals. Hence the election of Morrison to replace Turnbull as PM. Supporters of non-PC candidates like Abbott and Dutton are not quite in the majority. Each election is something of a random draw, and perhaps in the next Parliament the balance may shift to the non-PC side (which is inevitable in the longer term).

Right around the western world politics is currently a struggle between the PC tribe (aka globalist, postmodern, ruling class, leftist, virtue signalers, etc.) and everyone else (aka outsiders, deplorables, realists, conservatives, rightists, etc). Everyone in politics is either PC or not at any given time. Notions of parties, left or right, and all the other organizational principles are all currently secondary to PC-or-not.

In this leadership tussle, it was nakedly on display. The PC Liberals are Labor lite, because Labor is now almost fully PC. It is no coincidence that the mainstream media — all PC except half of The Australian and Sky — support the PC Liberals. The MSM hates Abbott and Dutton and cannot express their disgust and loathing strongly enough. Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop are the preferred leadership choices among Labor voters, according to the polls. Mark Latham, Labor leader only 13 years ago, is in the non-PC camp and now looking to get back into politics in a non-Labor party.

The new Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

Morrison is something of a compromise and a mystery. Don’t the PC media hate it that he is Christian?! Talk about selective outrage — they would never say those things if he was Muslim, or Buddhist, or an atheist, or anything else, because their cultural enemies are just the Christians and Jews. Let’s see how Morrison goes — when Parliament returns next week he will have to declare his positions on climate/energy, immigration, etc.

As it happens, I was in Canberra visiting people, many of them stoutly PC, during the leadership events. Some are political tragics, who cancelled an arranged lunch at a restaurant to instead go back to someone’s house with takeaway to all watch events unfold live on midday TV.

The PC opinion of the Liberal leadership tussle is that there is no policy involved — it was simply driven by the spite and anger of Abbott and Dutton. It was merely a personality issue among the conservatives. (Who are of course ugly, hate-filled, deplorable, racist, sexist, etc. etc.) This is what the MSM has taught our ruling class.

Of course, if you attribute the actions and speech of your political opponents as merely due to their personality defects, then there is no point in listening to what they say. As indeed they don’t. The MSM steadfastly refuses to inform its audience of the non-PC ideas and goals, or the facts that drive those conclusions.

Our ruling class simply has no idea of what non-PC people want or why they they want it. Of course they think they know why — but lazily just put it down to character flaws such as racism and hate. Meanwhile the PC crew live in a world of PC fantasies, un-punctured by reality and the many facts that we know. This cannot end well — though to judge by the lifestyles and egos in Canberra, it is working out really well for the PC/big-government class right at the moment.

Yet another Australian leader brought down by climate and energy policy. If only they did a bit of due diligence. If only they knew that all the climate models have an error, and it is that error that is responsible for the carbon dioxide theory of global warming.