Justin Trudeau feels heat over open-door policy for asylum-seekers

Justin Trudeau feels heat over open-door policy for asylum-seekers, by Cameron Stewart.

It was a single tweet, but it is one that has come to haunt Justin Trudeau. On January 28 last year, only days after Donald Trump was sworn in as US President, the Canadian Prime Minister took a deliberate shot at Trump’s hardline immigration policies by trumpeting how Canada had an open door for refugees.

“To those fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength. #welcometocanada,” he tweeted.

Eighteen months on, Trudeau’s tweet has rebounded on him. Canada is facing a reckoning about what sort of country it wants to be as a surge in the number of asylum-seekers tests its tolerance and its self-proclaimed pride as a traditional haven for refugees.

“There is a problem at the border, the border must be enforced,” says Lisa MacLeod, Ontario’s minister responsible for immigration, who says the Trudeau government’s lax policies account for an unsustainable influx of asylum-seekers.

Last year Canada received a record 50,420 applications for asylum, more than double the 23,930 it received in 2016 and the highest level since the country’s Immigration and Refugee Board was created in 1989. …

Now Trudeau, who initially was feted for his generosity to asylum-seekers, is facing a political and public backlash for failing to control Canada’s borders. …

To the horror of some Canadians, the country now is experiencing its own version of the divisive refugee debates that have convulsed Germany, Italy and other European nations in recent years, and that have caused deep divisions in Australia. …

A survey this month by the Angus Reid Institute found that two-thirds of Canadians (67 per cent) believe the issue of asylum-seekers crossing the border into Canada has become a crisis. The survey also found that 58 per cent of voters think Canada is being “too generous” to asylum-seekers crossing the border illegally — more than eight times as many as those who say Canada is not being “generous enough”.

Same in every white country. The globalist left establishment is pushing open borders, anti-white sentiment, and “diversity”. We can all see where this is going, demographically. Is it too cynical to mention that white countries are being encouraged into transgenderism and gay marriage, while smarter women are encouraged to have careers rather than kids, and the welfare system helps less smart women to have more kids?

Things can change fast. A decade ago every mainstream leftist politician agreed that gay marriage was not happening, and they were firmly against it. In 1929 Germany only a few fringe parties intended to do anything to Jews.

hat-tip Stephen Neil