Facebook Bans Jewish-Australian Military Veteran Avi Yemini for ‘Hate Speech’

Facebook Bans Jewish-Australian Military Veteran Avi Yemini for ‘Hate Speech’. By Lucas Nolan.

Avi Yemini, a Jewish-Australian IDF veteran, conservative political blogger and political candidate, has been banned from Facebook allegedly for publishing “hate speech.”

A popular Jewish-Australian IDF veteran, political blogger, and Australian state government candidate recently found his Facebook page banned…

Yemini’s Facebook page boasted a follower count of approximately 175,000 … Yemeni has been on the receiving end of death threats on Facebook himself based on his reporting. …

Breitbart News spoke with Yemini who provided the following comment on the blacklisting of his page:

“Banning my page is another example of Facebook’s political bias and is an attack on free speech. They are purging conservative pages. In this case, they are meddling in the Australian political system and therefore breaching a number of local laws.

“I believe I was banned because I am exposing the Islamization of Australia and how it is negatively impacting the country.”

Immigration and the great replacement of whites in the West — talk about it and you are silenced. Verboten. It is becoming increasingly clear that anti-white racism is the new antisemitism.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Charles