‘Unity of Lemmings’: How a Party Dies

‘Unity of Lemmings’: How a Party Dies, by Tony Abbott.

While the Liberal party room was discussing the so-called National Energy Guarantee, Malcolm Turnbull’s operatives were briefing reporters against the man he knifed. Conservatives will take today’s events as confirmation that a party standing for nothing will fall for anything. …

Unfortunately, most explanations of how the NEG (as it stands without price targets) might theoretically get prices down sound like merchant bankers’ gobbledigook.

It was a real pity that the meeting broke up before the chairman of the backbench committee, Craig Kelly, was able to finish his contribution.

Yes, there were lots of pleas for unity, but as one MP said, we’ve got to be loyal to our electorates and to party members too, and not show the “unity of lemmings”.

Yes, there was lots of regard for the “experts” and for “business leaders” but as one MP said “I’m not here for the technocrats”. …

This is the big question that the party room didn’t really grapple with: when the big emitters are not meeting Paris, why should we? Especially, as even the Chief Scientist said, the difference meeting our target would make is “virtually nothing”.