The Great Potential in Artificial Intelligence (And the Evil)

The Great Potential in Artificial Intelligence (And the Evil), by Robert Wenzel.

Although it is easy to conjure up images of how artificial intelligence will result in robots that can take over the world, such a possibility in the near future is remote. And if robots get that smart, with super robot physical capabilities and their own, or programmed, value scales, then we would have something very serious to worry about. But, mini-robots with narrow bad actor artificial intelligence could be a problem at even an earlier date.

It would be kind of an alien invasion from within. The likeliest place for such dangerous robot development is, of course, in the military. …

“The short film “Slaughterbots” imagines a dystopian near-future, not unlike that in the popular Netflix show “Black Mirror”. In the film, a CEO of a smart weapons company presents their new technology at a Silicon Valley-style extravagant product launch. Their tech is very good at killing, but only “the bad guys” as the CEO reminds several times.

Of course, the AI-driven armed drone swarms developed by the company fall into the wrong hands and global chaos and destruction ensues.

Watch the first 90 seconds, at least. It’s almost here:

Hope George Soros or one of his organizations doesn’t get hold of these.