Firebomb attacks on homes and cars as Melbourne suburban crime war escalates

Firebomb attacks on homes and cars as Melbourne suburban crime war escalates, by Nino Bucci.

A series of firebombings have hit Melbourne’s suburbs as part of an escalating gang war.

Properties linked to Mohammed Oueida, a significant organised crime figure who spends much of his time in the Middle East, were badly damaged in the fires.

Multiple cars were completely destroyed in the attacks, which took place in suburban streets in Melbourne’s outer north.

Sources familiar with the firebombings believe they form part of a troubling new chapter in gang violence related to the drug trade. …

Mr Oueida was shot in April last year as he left lunchtime prayer at a mosque in Coburg. Two members of the Tiba family have been charged in relation to the shooting.

Mr Oueida has been overseas for most of the time since the attack, predominantly in Lebanon and Dubai — a haunt for a string of Australian organised crime figures.

The city was considered an enclave from Australian authorities until last August, when four men — including two brothers of Sydney identity John Ibrahim — were arrested by United Arab Emirates police and then extradited in relation to an alleged international drug smuggling syndicate.

Wouldn’t a world of no borders be wonderful? Imagine how much more diverse and vibrant Melbourne could become.