Boris Johnson’s offence-seekers avoid the issue

Boris Johnson’s offence-seekers avoid the issue, by Janet Albrechtsen.

The brouhaha over Boris Johnson is a salutary tale about how to screw up a free society. Last week Johnson made a serious point about freedom, that women in a free society should have the right to wear a niqab or a burka. The former British foreign minister also poked fun at these women dressing like letterboxes and bank robbers. A week later, the spirit of the times has been confirmed. Taking offence over a dumb-ass joke trumps defending the freedom of women to wear what they damn well want.

That’s not what it is about. It’s the PC ruling elite — the globalist “progressives” and anyone who wants to get ahead by sucking up to them or anyone who listens to their propaganda and is sucked in — versus the rest of us. It’s simply tribal.

Boris is not in the PC tribe, and indeed is a threat to the PC tribe’s dominance, so he is hounded for any transgression of PC. Don’t look for principles about free speech or jokes or liberty — that’s not what’s going on. It’s just the PC rulers saying “it’s our way of the highway”. It’s about power — punish Boris, reduce his power and influence.

The PC elite have a million speech codes and contradictory rules Everyone breaks them all the time — how could one not? The clue is selective enforcement — punishment only for those in the non-PC tribe. If everyone is always guilty, power falls to those who decide who to punish.

Until the non-PC commentariat cottons on, they will be less effective at countering this tactic. Listening Janet?

hat-tip Stephen Neil