Dear Australia, would you rather have $8,500 or a 0.0001C cooler climate for your 130th Birthday?

Dear Australia, would you rather have $8,500 or a 0.0001C cooler climate for your 130th Birthday? By Joanne Nova.

IPA estimates Paris Agreement to stop storms and hold back the tide may cost $8500 per Australian family

What a deal. You could have free electricity for the next four years or an imperceptible difference in the air outside the nursing home for your children’s 94th birthday.

The Americans went for the money. So did nearly everyone else.

Damian Wild at the IPA calculates that the Paris Agreement will cost patsy Australians $52 billion dollars in the next 12 years. …

There is a Coalition Partyroom meeting coming today where a Turnbull-with-falling-popularity will try to convince a nervous set of MP’s that they won’t lose their seats if the Coalition runs the same soulless campaign it almost lost on last time. Back then Turnbull took 90 seats and turned them into 76 and barely got elected.

The biggest obvious and easy win for conservatives in 2019 is to copy Abbott-Trump-Dean proven successes, axe the tax, Get Out of Paris, and run an Electro-Scary-Bill campaign. Turnbull can’t do that …

The Liberals could romp it in in this election if they just dumped Turnbull, grew a spine, and copied recent conservative successes all around the world.

Paris deal spells ‘irreparable damage’: IPA report, by Rachel Blaxendale.

A study by the Institute of Public ­Affairs, “Why Australia must exit the Paris Climate Agreement”, estimates our Paris target of reducing emissions to 26-28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030 will impose a $52 billion economic cost between now and 2030, equating to $8566 a family. …

It says the agreement is not ­operating as intended, citing the withdrawal of the world’s second-largest emitter, the US, and unconstrained emissions from the world’s largest emitter, China.

Then prime minister Tony ­Abbott signed Australia up to the Paris Agreement in 2015. He has since called for Australia to withdraw from Paris, saying last month that: “This idea that we are bound forever to aspirational targets when the circumstances have dramatically changed is frankly just lunacy.”. …

The tracker found just seven of the 32 nations, Morocco, the Gambia, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, The Philippines and India, whose collective emissions account for 6.6 per cent of global emissions, are on track to meet their Paris targets.