The Left’s Diversity Derangement

The Left’s Diversity Derangement, by Mark Latham.

Diversity Derangement Syndrome (DDS) … is also being practiced in airport lounges. One would normally think if there’s a diversity deficit in places like the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge it’s because of too many rich people. Old-age pensioners and other welfare recipients can’t afford to fly, lugging their caravans up the Pacific Highway in search of Queensland’s winter sunshine.

But think again. According to the head of the Diversity Council Australia (DCA), Lisa Annese, the problem in airport lounges is not an absence of poor people. It’s those pesky white guys, again.

In her blog a fortnight ago, Annese wrote of how she was ‘waiting to board a flight from Dallas to Sydney after speaking at the Eighteenth International Conference on Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations.’ This was when her DDS kicked in. She complained ‘that the airport departure lounge was not very diverse’ because it was ‘full of business people’. Who was she expecting, the Paxton family? Even worse for Annese, the business people were ‘mostly men, probably straight white men, probably with families at home awaiting their return from doing their terribly important work.’

These are serious crimes: being white, being male, being heterosexual, running a business that employs people and keeps the economy going, and having a family at home who love you so much they want you to come home.

Leftists like Annese have dedicated their lives to fighting these anti-socialist principles of prosperity and family togetherness.

hat-tip Stephen Neil