Eric Clanton Story Disappears Back Down Memory Hole

Eric Clanton Story Disappears Back Down Memory Hole, by Steve Sailer.

The story of Eric Clanton, the anti-free speech demonstrator / adjunct philosophy instructor who put on an Antifa mask and slammed seven pro-Trump individuals on the head with his bike lock in Berkeley last year (luckily, nobody died), would seem pretty interesting. Especially the part about how the “weaponized autism” of 4chan /pol/ participants crowdsourced the job law enforcement couldn’t or wouldn’t do — identifying the masked malefactor from subtle clues.

A man police allege to be Eric Clanton holding a bike lock, April 15, 2017. Photo: Citizen reporter

But, the tale contradicted The Narrative about how pro-Trump violence is sweeping the nation, so the New York Times never ever mentioned Clanton’s name. Until yesterday, when it ran the following Associated Press story.

The NYT story was a mere 150 words long — the “there, we mentioned it” effort really designed to afford plausible deniability against the charge of completely ignoring it. Sailer picks it apart:

Not, “Antifa,” but “anti-fascist movements.” You know, like the movement that Orwell served in during the Spanish Civil War. Eric Blair and Eric Clanton, a couple of heroes of anti-fascist movements. …

The NYT would like to apologize to its readers for this brief but annoying interruption and now back to its wall to wall coverage of the first anniversary of Charlottesville. …

Two days after news of Clanton getting off with no jail time (other than the time it took him to arrange bail last year) and there doesn’t seem to be any followup reporting anywhere. …

What exactly are the laws in California about smashing people on the head while masked and why aren’t they terribly applicable in this situation?

This country needs rule of law, and part of rule of law is the press holding the justice system’s feet to the fire until obvious questions get answered.

Eric’s just another “anti-hate” protestor, according to the media.