Sarah Hanson-Young’s victimhood card is declined

Sarah Hanson-Young’s victimhood card is declined. By Corrine Barraclough.

After tearful displays and fighting talk on The Project and anywhere else that would give her a platform, Sarah Hanson-Young appears to have backed down in her fight against Senator David Leyonhjelm. In the documents outlining her Statement of Claim, Leyonhjelm says there is no mention of sexual harassment after all.

In a statement, he said:

For weeks now the country has endured relentless coverage of a tearful Senator Hanson-Young claiming I ‘slut-shamed’ her (her term, not mine) and that my behaviour amounted to workplace sexual harassment. She and her supporters have to date raised more than $60,000 pledging to use the funds to advance the cause of the sisterhood by fighting intimidation, bullying and ‘sexist slurs on my professional reputation’ through court action. Yet the Statement of Claim I received yesterday contains no such allegations. Instead it is a tepid whinge that I have insinuated she is a hypocrite and a misandrist. …

Ultimately, SHY may have $60,000 in her pocket but she did not win this battle. Misandry, ingrained prejudice against men, has now become part of the common vernacular and the long-term damage to the sobbing sisterhood has been done. Congrats.

SHY blinked when she had to subject her claim to scrutiny.