Victorian Labor’s Ban on Sky News is Political

Victorian Labor’s Ban on Sky News is Political, by Andrew Bolt.

The Victorian Government’s extraordinary ban on Sky News is political censorship — justified by lies by a gang with plenty to hide.

Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan today directed Metro Trains to stop screening Sky on platform TV screens, claiming she was responding to outrage over an interview on Sky with Right-wing extremist Blair Cottrell.

That was the first untruth.

Allan claimed Metro Trains had shown that interview.

That was the second untruth.

She then claimed her ban was to protect commuters from seeing such “hatred and racism”.

And that was the third untruth from a minister who should be sacked for so misleading the public in attempting to justify such unprecedented censorship. …

The facts:

The Sky interview with Cottrell — a mistake which Sky apologised for and led to the suspension of the program responsible — was never shown on Metro screens.

The only Sky content Metro shows is news and weather bulletins. …

What’s more, Blair Cottrell has also been interviewed at least twice on the ABC, as well as on Channel 7 and Channel 9. But will Allan now ban the Left-wing ABC? …

The real reason for the censorship:

It is because Sky has some conservative presenters, me included, and has covered what the Andrews Government hates — topics such as its weakness on ethnic crime. …

Pushed to justify her ban, she said she had received many complaints about Sky “over the years” from people — activists? — who didn’t want “this kind of content” on TV screens. She would now give them “more comfortable” stuff to watch. Like Labor propaganda? Endless re-runs of Tim Flannery preaching global warming?