Scotland public schools to now teach five-year-olds gender is ‘what you decide’

Scotland public schools to now teach five-year-olds gender is ‘what you decide’, by Jonathon Van Maren.

Scotland appears to be the latest nation caving to the demands of transgender activists. New draft educational guidelines have just been released, announcing that children as young as five years old will be taught in Scottish public schools that their gender is “what you decide,” irrespective of the confusion this nonsense will inevitably cause in children who have already been taught a few of the key biological differences between boys and girls. Gender fluidity is now scheduled to arrive in kindergarten classes in 2019.

Cool. So the new arrangement is that truth is what they decide, and your gender is what you decide. Seems like a fair trade-off.

It seems like the global elites are telling God to bugger off, because they think they are in charge of reality now. Our elites are self made and they worship only their own creator. Hmmm, there’s going to be hell to pay for this.

Quick recap: There are two possibilities when fertilization occurs, X+X = XX (a female embryo) or X+Y (a male embryo). That’s it, apart from a small accident rate. It’s a binary system and that fact is a product of the way our genetic system works.

hat-tip Stephen Neil