Peter Hollingworth urged to forego his entitlements as a former governor-general

Peter Hollingworth urged to forego his entitlements as a former governor-general, by Richard Willingham at the ABC.

Former governor-general Peter Hollingworth is being urged to forego hundreds of thousands of dollars from his taxpayer-funded pension and entitlements he receives every year.

Dr Hollingworth was forced to resign as governor-general in 2003 after a series of scandals over his handling of sexual abuse allegations against priests and teaching staff while he was the archbishop of Brisbane in the 1990s.

As a former governor-general, he receives an annual pension of $357,732, as well as a Commonwealth-funded office and staff in the prestigious 101 Collins St building in Melbourne’s CBD.

Documents provided under Freedom of Information show that in 2015-16, Dr Hollingworth spent more than $275,000 on office and travel expenses, on top of his pension for that year of $328,000.

Isn’t this yet another part of the war on Christianity by the cultural Marxists?

Oh this is going to be an interesting game to play if this precedent is set. Our global PC elite have made all sorts of stupid and reprehensible decisions, and have awarded themselves huge entitlements and pensions. Where shall we start?

Let’s skip over immigration policy, especially in the UK, as too fraught to discuss yet again. The whole business of who gets to create money out of thin air, with the consequent ever-increasing debts and economic sclerosis, seems remote until the next financial crisis hits.

How about climate? What happens when the carbon dioxide theory of global warming is exposed as based on an error, and a generation of climate scientists, bureaucrats, media salesman (e.g. Tim Flannery, Tony Jones), and gullible politicians are exposed as having made a dire mistake due to a lack of due diligence and selectively ignoring evidence. They led the world on an expensive goose chase. Will they have to forgo their entitlements?


I agree that it is a scandal, but I also see that this unwarranted perks situation is embedded into political systems all over the world. This, IMO, is just part of a continuing and concerted attack on Christianity.

The fundamental tenets of Christianity are the only pillars of our civilization which still remain – just.

Bring that down by sullying its name with a constant procession of Christian sinners and all resistance to the madness sweeping the world has gone. What can ordinary people believe in if the Ten Commandments are gone?

Personally, I am allying with the devout Christians that I come across and am girding their loins (as best I can) for the major battle, both ideological (already here) and literal (probably coming). They have little real optimism for the future of Christianity and I am telling them that they must be in the forefront – carpe diem.

I have had two dinners with Christian groups out in the bush to speak about precisely this.

In essence it’s about embracing the human race’s humanity instead of discarding it and leaving it behind in a post-modern advance into a Marxist-flavored future. Traditional Christianity has some deep knowledge about human nature embedded in it.

hat-tip Philip Barton