Gang of youths out of control in Taylors Hill, Melbourne

Gang of youths out of control in Taylors Hill, Melbourne, by Samantha Hutchinson.

Victoria Police have defended not arresting any of the dozens of youths of African appearance who set upon officers last, hurled rocks at their cars and smashing a windscreen, saying it was a short term tactical decision.

Police ordered people in ­Bronte Way, Taylors Hill, in Melbourne’s west, to lock their doors as they tried to gain control of a group that had gathered at about 7pm in a nearby park.

Projectiles, believed to be rocks, were hurled at officers and a police car was damaged before heavily armed specialist officers were called in.

Melbourne CBD and West Divisions Commander Tim Hansen said the gang of 100 were actually two groups who had met up to fight. …

Resident Peter Lazaridis told the Herald Sun he saw 30 youths of African appearance congregate at a local park. “I’m s**t scared,” Mr Lazaridis said.

Another resident told the Herald Sun: “In one area there is a massive group the police said were Sudanese and near the park in Bronte Way there was another really large group of Sudanese and they basically said they don’t have it under control but there is a strong police presence.

“They told me to stay inside, lock the doors and yeah, it’s scary, I’ve got a nine-year-old and an 11-year-old and they’re scared.”

Welcome to Africa. Blank slate theory, anyone?

hat-tip Stephen Neil