The Far Left’s Pyrrhic Victory in New Zealand

The Far Left’s Pyrrhic Victory in New Zealand, by David Pellowe.

New Zealand’s Far Left thugs are cheering and slapping each other on the back after successfully denying Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux a stage in front of 600 people in Auckland on Friday night. Threats of violence, intimidation and harassment of venues made it effectively impossible for the pair of celebrity YouTube commentators to say what they had to say to the now disappointed audience. This is what we should get used to hearing more about: what I call the ‘thugs’ veto’.

The event was cancelled, but discussion developed:

The media have given Southern & Molyneux wall to wall, prime-time coverage since Auckland City Mayor Phil Goff appointed himself the sole arbiter of which political opinions should be allowed a platform in his city. Needless to say, the former red-ragging radical, a man who once threw red paint over Kiwi troops, made it clear the visiting speakers were not welcome in his city. That other New Zealanders wanted to hear them didn’t enter into his calculations. …

The gift of the Far Left is that they always go too far. Their power-hungry preference for authoritarian control over what the majority say, think, do and pay is a bottomless pit, an insatiable vortex of irrational anger, hate and violence that is becoming increasingly obvious even to the stirring masses. I cannot begin to count the people who have contacted me to say they had never heard of Lauren and Stefan before the violent leftists started their tantrums. Now they want to pursue the discussion the Far Left doesn’t want anyone to have.

I enjoyed the Southern Molyneaux talks. They seemed mainstream to me, even though they weren’t PC.

hat-tip Stephen Neil