Australian universities: no thinking allowed

Australian universities: no thinking allowed, by Mark Powell.

If you’re still in any doubt as to the insidious influence of the Left’s long march through nearly all of Western civilisations key institutions, then just consider the following shocking Orwellian example of Groupthink. Below is [an excerpt] of a real assignment, outlining the assessment parameters for the subject ‘Contemporary Society’ currently being offered to those doing a first-year teaching degree at Western Sydney University (WSU). …

Not use any internet sources, except direct quotations from the TED Talks specifically mentioned for each question, if needed, to support your argument and when correctly referenced. Do not use any other scholarly texts or other texts of any kind. Marks will be deducted if you do.

What? Since when have tertiary institutions in this country become so afraid of alternative points of view that research is not only restricted but expressly forbidden? In fact, students are now being told that they will be academically penalised if they access any secondary literature outside of the prescribed syllabus!

Keep those PC blinkers on!

hat-tip Stephen Neil