Southern Africa On The Skids

Southern Africa On The Skids, by Hannes Wessels.

The sight of blood-soaked bodies including a middle-aged mother lying face down in a pool of blood on the streets of Harare having been shot in the back by a Zimbabwean soldier provided the sickening signal that hopes were dashed for the millions desperately hoping for relief from 38 years of brutally despotic misrule.

Far from a fresh start it now appears bad may get worse and a potential economic powerhouse will become a fully-fledged failed state.

If this lady had been killed by white soldiers the world community would be in an uproar and the UN Security Council would be involved but this was black-on-black so expressions of ‘regret’ and ‘calls for calm’ are the order of the day. …

Astonishingly, at the precise moment the gruesome killings were underway in Zimbabwe the headline news in South Africa; greeted with wide-spread jubilation was to the effect that the country’s leadership has elected to follow exactly the same path!

President Cyril Ramaphosa has reaffirmed his earlier statements and the country will proceed forthwith to amend the constitution and commence the confiscation of property without compensation in the great Mugabe-inspired tradition. …

Some people; mostly whites, hang on to the ‘too big to fail’ argument; [South Africa] is too big, too rich, too developed and too important for the world to allow its destruction. They are almost certainly wrong. The entire world sat on its hands and fretted when close to a million Rwandan Tutsis were slain in 1994 and there has been little meaningful, Western intervention in any southern African country in the post-colonial era. Why should South Africa be different?

This is largely a result of a pernicious international media campaign that has for decades, vilified the European in Africa and steadfastly refused to tell the world the truth about the real villains that have wrecked the region and delivered little but murder, mayhem and grinding poverty upon their people. Thanks to them the decolonisation process which they championed may go down as the greatest socio-economic catastrophe in history.

hat-tip Stephen Neil