Diversity + Proximity = War: Sarah Jeong Edition

Diversity + Proximity = War: Sarah Jeong Edition, by Commenter Libertardian.

In effect, the NYT has taken out a full-page ad to say:

Dear Heritage America,

1. If you say, or have ever said, or might have said, anything that can be construed as racist, sexist, transist, or (x)-ist, or in any way contradicts the liberal orthodoxy, you can expect yourself and/or your family to be silenced, doxxed, threatened, rendered unemployable, injured, jailed, or killed.

2. Liberals also reserve the right to find you guilty of crimespeak post hoc, after unilaterally moving the goalposts of acceptable discourse.

3. Nonwhites, however, can do whatever they want, and we’ll always find excuses for them.

4. Noticing this double standard is an offense that falls under #1.

5. We want you dead, your civilization erased, and your posterity raped and brainwashed, and we think it’s hilarious.

6. Vote accordingly, while you can.

Scurrilous and exaggerated, but sadly there is some truth in there.