More of Sarah Jeong’s greatest hits

More of Sarah Jeong’s greatest hits, by Paul Mirengoff.

Jeong’s hatefulness extends beyond whites. Amber Athey of the Daily Caller calls attention to tweets by Jeong’s about killing men, and also to tweets in which Jeong called for “banning the police” and expressed her animus towards police officers through profanity. …

The Times ludicrously has defended Jeong’s tweets as satiric responses to hateful tweets by her Twitter adversaries. Perhaps the Times will show us the tweet from a police officer that Jeong was “satirizing” when she called cops “a**h***s.”

As for men, Jeong advocated killing them. In 2014, she tweeted: “kill more men.” She also tweeted that even if only bad men were killed, that would still include all men.

There’s a name for what Jeong was talking about: Genocide. There’s a name for people who write favorably about genocide: Deranged. There’s a place for people this deranged by hatred, and it isn’t on the editorial board of a newspaper.