Elin Ersson’s ‘citizen-activism’ comes at a heavy price

Elin Ersson’s ‘citizen-activism’ comes at a heavy price, by Douglas Murray.

Last week, a 22-year old Swede called Elin Ersson made headlines around the world for her ‘citizen-activism’. Learning that a failed asylum seeker from Afghanistan was to be deported from her country, she bought a seat on the plane that was due to take him part of the way back home (as far as Turkey). Once she was on board the plane Ersson refused to sit down. Filming the whole thing on her mobile phone (natch) Ms Ersson insisted that to send the failed asylum-seeker to his home country would be consigning him to ‘death’ because Afghanistan is ‘hell’. After about 15 minutes of this Ms Ersson got her way. The Afghan migrant was taken off the flight. Some passengers applauded. Ms Ersson cried. And soon she was being lauded as the Millennials’ answer to Rosa Parks. …

We are deliberately  being kept in the dark by the media and bureaucrats:

In the days since Ms Ersson became famous it has turned out that her 52-year old failed asylum seeker had reportedly been issued a two-year prison sentence in Sweden for assault. This sentence is on the harsh side in Sweden for an assault charge, so it will be interesting to discover just how severe the assault was that Ms Ersson’s illegal migrant was convicted of, and who the victim – or victims – of that assault might have been.

As ever in such cases there is a difficulty getting the specifics. Firstly because so few people – including very few media – want to chase up the facts. And secondly because the authorities try to keep the rulings in specific asylum cases from public view. I am told that so far no local media have been able to get hold of the details of the assault case involving the man Ms Ersson has ‘saved’. …

Here’s a bet. Even if the 52-year old Afghan migrant who Ms Ersson chose to release back into Sweden turns out to have served time in prison for an assault on some innocent Swedish woman, here are some NYT headlines we will not read:

‘Act of violence highlights breakdown in border security in Sweden’

‘Act of violence raises questions on why failed asylum seekers are allowed to stay in Sweden’.

History smiles on Rosa Parks. But what will history say about Elin Ersson? History is written by the victors, so if Sweden follows current demographic trends and becomes a predominately Muslim and Arabic country in a hundred years, then Elin Ersson will be regarded as a hero.

hat-tip Stephen Neil