NYTimes’ Newest Hire Sent Tons Of Anti-White Racist Tweets

NYTimes’ Newest Hire Sent Tons Of Anti-White Racist Tweets, by Amber Athey.

NYT announced on Wednesday that they hired Sarah Jeong to join their editorial board. …

Shortly after Jeong’s hire, Twitter users unearthed old tweets in which she expressed an extreme distaste for white people. …

The New York Times has yet to comment on Jeong’s racist past, however some Twitter users pointed out that they previously fired Quinn Norton after learning that she had tweeted derogatory terms about black and gay people.

Compare this to the recent treatment of Roseanne Barr, who was sacked from her own show for saying about Valerie Jarrett (who is black): “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj”.

The New York Times is the perhaps most influential newspaper in the world, and the global headquarters of political correctness. The message is loud and clear: discrimination against blacks and gays is not ok, but discrimination against whites is ok with the PC left. The left allows antisemitism to fester in its ranks, and now anti-white racism.

UPDATE: NYT hires an angry bigot, by Tucker Carlson.

Her views are commonplace in the American establishment, maybe universal. Try to find a single government bureaucrat, or college administrator, or head of corporate HR who disagrees with the idea that people should be judged by the color of their skin, and that some races are more virtuous and deserving than other races. They all think that. Everyone of them. Yet remarkably, these very same people are the quickest to cry “racism” at the slightest provocation or for no reason at all. They think of themselves as arch enemies of racism. They get tatoos on their arm telling you that. Yet they are its chief purveyors.