The Wicked Witches of Silicon Valley

The Wicked Witches of Silicon Valley, by Colin Flaherty.

Maybe someday the children of Silicon Valley will hear the same kind of stories Delaware kids used to hear about the DuPont family: how they built roads and schools and universities and became the world leader in what was then the world’s most important industry: chemicals. …

But somewhere along the way, it all became too much: DuPont was charging too much for gunpowder and making too much money selling paint and fabrics to G.M. Finally, federal trust busters broke them up. …

But whatever the DuPont family and their companies did with their economic power, they never dreamed of committing one tenth of the abuse we see every day from the hyper-monopolists at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, et al. These, even in the face of unprecedented corporate abuse, are untouched by cowering government regulators.

Republican leaders in Washington are finally starting to figure out what conservative publishers — big and small — have known for years: we are targets of banning and censorship based solely on our ideology. All of this is made possible by the monopolistic powers of America’s biggest liberals, all while YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter deny it on one hand, then explain why it is necessary on the other.

Instead of listing all the conservative web and news sites that have seen their traffic and business slashed in half by the liberal-anarchist-socialist hive mind – including Breitbart, American Thinker, Alex Jones, Dennis Prager, Jared Taylor – it would be easier to say that no conservative publisher knows any conservative leader who has not been censored, banned, removed, or thwarted.

Everyone. All at great financial expense.

Let’s admit this, too: the threat of censorship is causing a lot of people to pull a lot of punches. This is true especially in the area where they feel most vulnerable: black violence and denial wildly out of proportion.

Meanwhile, traditional liberal sites flourish with their newfound placement privilege in the algorithms of these information bullies. All at great profit. All by people who never figured out the difference between fact-gathering and spell-weaving. …

And please, let’s not pretend this manipulation was not intended to affect the outcome of the 2016 election and other conservative goals. YouTube, et al. did its part to kill conservative thought leaders. Hillary’s gang tried but could not finish the job. But YouTube, et al. have doubled down, reminding the hayseeds that the big city folks know what is best.

hat-tip Stephen Neil