Patriotism: The Secret of Trump’s Success

Patriotism: The Secret of Trump’s Success, by Karin McQuillan.

We are so sick of most Republican politicians, who seem to care about only their personal wealth and power. They are not dependent on their voters, and they care only about their donors and relationships with other D.C. power-brokers, and the lobbyists who will hire them after they retire. They like power – their personal power, power to flout the desires of their voters.

We are even sicker of the Democrat’s anti-patriotism. Obama’s core belief was the moral necessity to atone for American power. President Obama and his enthusiastic progressive followers, want us to be a less powerful country. Obama wanted us to have a smaller economy – 2% growth was an acceptable new normal to him. Democrats actively wish to destroy our coal and fracking industry and jack up energy prices, which shrinks the whole economy. They want more people dependent on welfare, not working.