It is time for Australia to bring forth a political leader who will unashamedly put Australia and Australians first

It is time for Australia to bring forth a political leader who will unashamedly put Australia and Australians first. By Peter Smith.

This person won’t give away our advantage in cheap power, for starters, and will recognise immigration policy as … a scam from which no long-term good can come. …

However, other people, working people, do pay for carbon neutrality – through the nose. Those working in coal-power stations pay with their jobs. Those in industries dependent for their competitiveness on cheap reliable power pay with their jobs. The small businesses in the communities within which they live pay with their livelihoods. The people in those communities pay with immiseration.

Who doesn’t pay? Inner city elites don’t pay. In fact, they feel virtuous for being so environmentally sound. Political elites don’t pay. Many of them live in fancy houses with taxpayer-subsidised solar panels on their roofs. Some live-in fancy inner-city suburbs without a blue collar in sight unless their plumbing springs a leak.

Not in sight, also, are numbers of refugees bussed into outer suburbs. Large numbers of non-English speaking Sudanese, Iraqi, Syrian, Afghani, Eritrean, Somalian, Burmese refugees, and others, with clashing and inferior cultural values – particularly so if they are Muslim … Working-class Australians become strangers in their own country. White flight is the desperate response, as Luke Foley perceptively put it before being slapped down. …

“Strangers in their own country”? Haven’t you read the memo … not their country for much longer, conquered without a shot.

It’s more than time to find politicians who will rise up against this offence. The US found Donald Trump; the UK Nigel Farage. Marine Le Pen (France), Frauke Petry (Germany), Victor Orban (Hungary), Geert Wilders (Holland), Sebastian Kurz (Austria), and Matteo Salvini (Italy) are among other politicians now taking the fight to the elites. And to fight for patriotism. And for nationalism, which isn’t a dirty word. Without secure borders and shared values civilised nation states will not be able to protect freedom and prosperity. Here, we have Pauline Hanson who has a good heart but we need someone, with all due respect to Ms Hanson, with her convictions but with more intellectual fire-power. I suppose we might have Cory Bernardi but when did you last notice him?

hat-tip Stephen Neil