Far-right leader Tommy Robinson released: Contempt of Court or Freedom of Speech?

Far-right leader Tommy Robinson released: Contempt of Court or Freedom of Speech? by The Australian.

UK judges have freed far-right activist Tommy Robinson from prison after quashing his contempt of court conviction for live-streaming outside a criminal trial in violation of reporting restrictions.

Robinson, who founded the English Defence League, was serving a 13-month jail sentence for contempt of court and breaching a previous suspended sentence, having used social media to live-stream outside a northern England court.

Since his imprisonment, supporters of US President Donald Trump including former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon have taken up his cause.

A panel of three judges at the Court of Appeal in London quashed the finding of contempt, citing technical flaws, and freed him on conditional bail pending a new hearing. …

Robinson was jailed for 13 months within five hours after posting a Facebook video.

The appeal court ruled that jailing Robinson so promptly “gave rise to unfairness,” and that the “haste” with which the case was dealt meant his lawyers weren’t given enough time to prepare. …

Justice Burnett said Robinson had filmed inside a courtroom — an offence — in Canterbury, southeast England, during what he told the camera was a trial of “Muslim child rapists”.

The Australian finally notices the Tommy Robinson case.

It’s pretty obvious the Brit establishment wanted to shut him up, because he was drawing attention to yet another grooming and rape trial of Muslim men.

The BBC:

Speaking to reporters, Robinson said: “All the British media do is lie. I have a lot to say but nothing to you. I want to thank the British public for all their support.” …

Robinson wasn’t told what specific parts of his activity at the court had been potentially prejudicial to a jury – meaning nobody to this day knows exactly what he did wrong.

Reader Andrew:

Why is it contempt for Tommy to simply report outside a courthouse, but Antifa can hold a noisy “anti racism” protest outside Tommy’s appeal?

By legalese standards, this is an unprecedented rebuke. Shocking language.

The lord chief justice quashed the Leeds finding of contempt. That court hearing should not have proceeded immediately but waited to hear the case on a “fully informed basis”, he said.

Channel 4 puts a PC spin on it, but provides good footage and background:

hat-tip Stephen Neil