Lou Dobbs: So Many Sellouts In GOP, No Room For American Voters

Lou Dobbs: So Many Sellouts In GOP, No Room For American Voters, by Tucker Carlson.

President Trump was elected on his promise to build a border wall. Republicans control Congress, so why doesn’t the wall seem to be a top priority? FBN anchor Lou Dobbs gives his perspective

The biggest issue in the western world today is immigration from the third world.

Reader Charles, in the eastern US:

Lou Dobbs has it about right. To hell with the American people and the middle class. Both parties will continue to flood us with illegal immigrants to screw the middle class and suppress wages. The Democrats get the additional benefit in that they will register them to vote even though they are not citizens. They will, thus, get a permanent majority and then it really will be to hell with the American citizens. The elites will be fully in charge and there will be no contesting them. They will grow richer and more powerful.

Do not think I fully support Republicans. There are plenty of them that are causing us harm with their fealty to the elite donors instead of the citizens. If the Republican elites get their way it will be a pyrrhic victory because eventually the Democratic Socialists (communists) will destroy capitalism.

hat-tip Charles