Watering Down Australia

Watering Down Australia, by Andrew Bolt.

There is no “us” any more – or soon won’t be.

Judith Sloan:

In 1996, there were 119,000 China-born residents living in Australia — 20 years later, it was 526,000… In 1996, there were 80,000 India-born people living in Australia. In 2016, the number was 469,000.

Add the Left’s destruction of national symbols and its pushing of identity politics, and Australia is turning from a home into a hotel. …

The ghettoising of Australia is well under way.

There is no us.

I don’t recall any Australian election where immigration was a significant issue. We the people were never asked.

Someone made the decision to bring in lots of immigrants from non-European backgrounds and third world countries. Was it the unelected opinion-forming left-leaning elite in our country — the bureaucrats, academics and media triad? Who is responsible?