Refugees in Germany demand everything, contribute nothing

Refugees in Germany demand everything, contribute nothing, by Stan M.

One of the more well-known refugees with questionable demands is Aras Bacho a writer for the Huffington post in Germany. He has previously demanded all Germans should donate money to refugees, provide smartphones and that angry Germans should leave the country all for the good of the country and integration of course.

Other questionable articles and comments by him included claims of racism, the normality of going on holiday to the countries they supposedly fled and even blaming unaccompanied women in a tweet for being sexually assaulted during New Year’s Eve in Cologne 2015. …

Another example is Ahmad A. a Syrian currently living with two wives in the area of Hamburg. He has six kids, a seventh on the way, is illiterate, wants to marry another wife and has no plans to work.

When asked how much money he gets he smiled and replied that he only knows it is transferred to his account and he withdraws it. He smiles and thanks “Mother Merkel” as he endearingly calls her in the piece done by Spiegel TV, which lead to a lot of public backlash. …

Por-Islamic -refugee demonstration brussels

Another protest by refugees lead to turmoil in Fürstenfeldbruck. The protest demanded better food and more spending money. In Bochum asylum seekers even occupied a gym demanding apartments. They claimed promises of free money, houses and apartments were made to them and it’s time for Germany to pay up.

Another curious case took place in Ostercappeln, where a refugee had his cab paid by the state to get to work and later received an E-Bike worth 1199 euros to replace the cab rides. At another asylum center in Rottweil refugees even have a cleaning lady because they refuse to clean up after themselves.

Other problems asylum seekers seem to be having is the free but “unfashionable” clothing offered to them by rescuers and refugee shelters. Aquarius refugees threw away towels and clothes donated by the Red Cross. …

A common theme at Huffpost seems to be calling for an end of the bad “German people” and replace them with the “new Germans”.

I sense a failure to communicate. Oh, the West doesn’t do that any more.

hat-tip Stephen Neil