Professor: I ‘DEMAND That White Editors Resign’

Professor: I ‘DEMAND That White Editors Resign’, by Katherine Timpf.

A controversial English professor at California State University–Fresno is demanding that all white editors resign from their positions immediately.

In a Tuesday tweet on her private Twitter account, which was obtained by Campus Reform, Randa Jarrar stated:

At some point, all of us in the literary community must DEMAND that white editors resign. It’s time to STEP DOWN and hand over the positions of power. We don’t have to wait for them to [f***] up. The fact that they hold these positions is [f***] up enough.

This is noteworthy because this is at the leading edge of cultural change. There was no Twitter eruption closing her down and shutting her up.

Anti-white racism is becoming increasingly fashionable on the left. Calls for “diversity” are often little more than disguised anti-white racism, but now it is becoming overt. Like antisemitism, the left’s way of dealing with groups who out-compete is to intimidate and discriminate against them. Are whites becoming the new Jews? (See here and here.)