The more extreme the left’s screeches, the greater the populist surge

The more extreme the left’s screeches, the greater the populist surge, by Rod Liddle.

The latest exciting news is that it may very soon be possible for surgeons to perform uterine transplants, so endowing a man who has ‘transitioned’ into being a strange approximation of a woman with the ability to gestate a child. And to give birth, after a fashion. The benighted child would need to be hacked out of the man’s midriff, because there’s not enough room down there for a child to come out naturally (yes, because he’s a man).

Sweden — the world leader in uterine transplants — is anxious to reclaim the title of the world’s most batshit crazy nation, which the Canadians and that simpering idiot Justin Trudeau currently have in their grasp. The uterus stuff will undoubtedly help. So, too, the fact that in some places, such as Gothenburg, transgendered women (i.e. men) are now allowed in women-only bathhouses and saunas — a policy that is comically at odds with the authorities’ desire to accede to the right of Muslim women to bathe without men being nearby.

This confluence of epic delusion plus politically correct doublethink would certainly convince me to give Sweden the coveted batshit award. I found out about the uterus business, incidentally, not because I tapped ‘uterus’ into Google in the hope of looking at one or two for a few minutes, by way of a weird sort of perversion, but because I tapped in ‘Swedish elections’ and this stuff came up at the same time.

It’s all good news as far as I am concerned. Few commentators will make a direct link between Swedish sawbones stapling uteruses into deeply troubled young men and the possible outcome of the Swedish general election in September, but I see one very clearly. Soaring in the polls are the Sweden Democrats, on a platform of no more immigration, opposition to the wilder demands of the LGBTQI lobby, and support for the church, state and traditional nuclear family. …

Good. The more we hear about uterine transplants, and swimming baths closed off so that Somalian women can splash about while dressed as Darth Vader, the more the stock of the Sweden Democrats will rise. …

In general the rule is this: the more vacuously liberal the ruling elite, the bigger the surge for the populists, or for populist legislation. The latest two countries in Europe to ban the burka? Denmark and the Netherlands.

hat-tip Nick