Lauren Southern moved on by police during Lakemba visit

Lauren Southern moved on by police during Lakemba visit, by Olivia Caisley.

Alt-right provocateur and YouTuber Lauren Southern clashed with police this afternoon after she was prevented from filming outside Lakemba mosque in Sydney’s west. …

Southern, who was joined by a cameraman and security detail, was prevented by NSW Police from walking along Haldon Street towards Lakemba Mosque due to fears she would offend the local Islamic community.

The Daily Telegraph reports Southern was visiting the area because she had been told it “did not fit in with Australian culture” and wanted to see “what the culture is like”.

“It doesn’t look like Australia here,” Southern told The Daily Telegraph. “People are clearly not adapting to the western culture — the signs aren’t in English.”

In a heated exchange with NSW Police, Southern argued she should be allowed to walk past the mosque but was asked by Inspector Rick Agius “not to attend there.”

“I have a fear that you may create an imminent breach of the peace and you may also commit an offence,” he said.

Unreal? Sadly all too real.

Tim Blair:

As it happens, walking towards buildings has long been considered a threatening act of criminal provocation. Check out these historic troublemakers as they advanced on the University of Alabama in 1963:

… Let Lauren Southern walk wherever she wants, as any free person should. If she is attacked, arrest her attackers. And then consider just how we’ve reached a point where those arrests might be necessary.

(By the way, please show some sympathy for that cop, who was plainly seeking a short-term solution to a much larger long-term problem. He’s managing a shocking situation caused by decades-old federal and state policies. Good luck to him.)

hat-tip Stephen Neil