Britain: Land of Lost Hope and Faded Glory?

Britain: Land of Lost Hope and Faded Glory? By Bruce Bawer.

I hate to say it, but I think I’m giving up on Britain. Go ahead, Home Secretary Sajid Javid, add my name to that ever-growing list of Islam critics who are banned from entering your country. I won’t be offended. In fact, I’ll be offended if you don’t ban me.

On his July 25 call-in show, UKIP founder and Brexit godfather Nigel Farage took up the issue of “grooming gangs” – you know, those groups of young Muslim men who have been raping young non-Muslim girls for years, decades even, in cities across the UK. The first one of these gangs to be publicly exposed, beginning in 2011, was in Rotherham, in South Yorkshire. That one gang, it turned out, had systematically and repeatedly raped about 1400 girls. Since then, reports have emerged about other such gangs in other British cities. In all or most of these cities, it has been discovered, police officials, journalists, social workers, politicians, and judges knew for years about the rapes but did nothing and said nothing for fear of being called racists.

Last year Sarah Champion began with “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.” … In the remaining 500 or so words of her piece, Champion told about how, after becoming an MP, she learned in a committee room about this whole grooming thing.

Sarah Champion is to be congratulated for having spoken up in this manner. But two words that appeared nowhere in her article were “Islam” and “Muslim.” When it came to the roots of these child rapes, Champion dodged the hard facts. The common demoninator isn’t ethnicity. It’s a religion that preaches the absolute right of male adherents to ravage the daughters of infidels.

Surely Sarah Champion knew this. She was brave to write the Sun piece, but not brave enough to mention Islam. …

A year later, people in Britain are still talking about all this. No, not about the rape gangs themselves. Yes, every so often the media uncover yet another such gang, and the news is out there for a cycle or two and then dies away. But they’re still discussing Sarah Champion. And that leads us to the question that Farage asked his listeners on July 25: “Did Sarah Champion go too far?”

Yes, you read that right. Did Sarah Champion go too far?

And then he fielded one phone call after another. One caller said it didn’t matter that the rapists were of Pakistani heritage because most of them were “British born.” Another said: “There’s something culturally wrong in Britain.” A third insisted that the “root cause” of the rape epidemic had something or other to do with economics and the British Commonwealth. …

Clueless. Deluded by the PC propaganda. Maybe they will get it when their daughter is raped.

Not until 23 minutes into the hour-long program did one hear a critical word about Islam. A caller dared to assert, correctly, that the whole rape thing, far from being at odds with Islam, is rooted in Islamic teaching. A palpably uneasy Farage was quick to try to rein him in.

Nigel Farage

At the 47-minute point, a Hindu listener phoned in and pointed out that Pakistani Muslims in Britain target not only white girls but also Sikh and Hindu girls. They have, he said, a “disrespectful attitude to non-Muslim girls.”

In Britain, he noted, there’s no such thing as Sikh or Hindu rape gangs. And he added that he was sick of seeing headlines about “Asian grooming gangs” when, in fact, they’re always Muslim. …

A minute later another caller made the obvious point: Champion should have said “Muslim,” not “Pakistani,” because the whole business is not about ethnicity but about ideology. The caller emphasized that there are many people in the Muslim community who know about rapes and other crimes but don’t tell the authorities. The same caller also said something I had been thinking throughout the show – that Farage’s successor as head of UKIP, Gerard Batten, has been talking more frankly about this topic than Farage ever has. Farage’s reply was that he tries to be “nonracist” and “nonsectarian.” Meaning what? Was he suggesting that Batten is racist? Does he truly believe that it’s possible to talk honestly about this issue without being “sectarian”?

This is the biggest scandal in British history, and many who oppose PC in Britain haven’t plucked up the courage to even talk about it. Remember, a civilization that cannot protect its young women soon dies.