‘Waleed Aly is a piece of work … his hypocrisy knows no bounds’

‘Waleed Aly is a piece of work … his hypocrisy knows no bounds’, by Jason Gagliardi.

The Mocker suggested Melbourne was destined to become a quintessence of dust if Daniel Andrews didn’t get serious about African-Australian crime gangs.

He quoted inner-city Richmond sophisticate Aly: “I live in Melbourne and the only place I’ve heard concerns about Sudanese gangs is on talkback radio.”

And ‘comedian’ Catherine Deveny: “I live in Melbourne. We have no problems with African gangs. You know what we have a problem with? White c**ts.”

Mark’s meditation on the hypocrisy of Aly and the not-so-merry swipes of Windsor earns him comment of the week:

“Waleed Aly is some piece of work. If any of his guests dared to generalise about a life situation of other people from a position of protected privilege he would tear shreds off them. The overt, blatant and quite frankly disingenuous smug hypocrisy of this man knows no bounds. I don’t think, however he has lost any credibility on this subject unless of course credibility measures can go below zero. …

Peter proclaimed: “Waleed Aly and Catherine Deveny. There’s a pair who really know what the working people outside of the chic inner city bubble are experiencing.”