New York Times Targets Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh’s Wife

New York Times Targets Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh’s Wife, by John Hinderaker.

I wouldn’t have thought my opinion of the New York Times could get any lower, but it just did. NTK Network reports that the Times, as well as the Associated Press, has requested emails sent or received by Ashley Kavanaugh in her capacity as town manager of Chevy Chase, Maryland:

The New York Times and Associated Press both filed requests under the Maryland Public Information Act (PIA) seeking e-mails that Ashley Kavanaugh, the wife of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, sent as town manager of The Village of Chevy Chase …

The two news organizations took different approaches to obtain the e-mails. According to the documents, the AP made a sweeping request for “all emails sent or received” by Ashley Kavanaugh’s Village of Chevy Chase email address.

By contrast, The New York Times is currently requesting that The Village of Chevy Chase Section 5 hand over “any emails to or from Ms. Kavanaugh that contain any of the keywords or terms listed below.” …

The Times’s request obviously tracks left-wing concerns and talking points, e.g. regarding the dreaded Federalist Society and Leonard Leo. Not to mention guns, gays and abortion.

They won’t find anything, of course. But this is what I want to know: When Stephen Breyer, Ruth Ginsburg, Sonia Sotamayor and Elena Kagan were appointed to the Court, did the Times, or the Associated Press, try to investigate documents sent or received by their family members?

Outrageous. Obviously all rules and decency are being thrown away. Presumably this trend will sweep the Western world, as the globalist left feels morally entitled to do anything in its quest for power. “The ends justifies the means” is back, last seen in the 1930s.