Deplorable, but bent on change

Deplorable, but bent on change, by Maurice Newman.

How galling for the media Left and assorted Hollywood vanities to find that, according to a July 4 Rasmussen poll, US President Donald Trump enjoyed a higher approval rating than Barack Obama did at that time in his presidency.

Despite their relentless barrage of fake news and deranged behaviour, during the primaries, throughout the election campaign and, to this day, they have done nothing to persuade the electorate of the error of its ways. Who then, is missing the point?

For decades, the Left has presented itself as a “progressive”, peace-loving, reformist ideology, committed to fairness and equality. Suddenly, with Trump in the White House, this virtuous facade has been stripped away to reveal a tyrannical, intolerant, divisive movement that promotes violence, victimhood, national self-loathing, hypocrisy and rent-seeking. …

CNN said it all: “Americans are right to wonder if, at long last, what George Washington called the Great Experiment has failed, and that our founders have lost their extraordinary wager that regular people could govern themselves better than a few rich men could.” So, let’s dump democracy and let the Clintons run things? …

Today, “populism” and “far right of the political spectrum” are the left intelligentsia’s way of disparaging the aspirations of Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” and those they vote for. This condescension and lack of respect plays well for Trump. …

Trump wants to change America’s approach to a world not of his making. He believes he inherited the legacy of soft US administrations past, where reckless fiscal management, lazy trade deals and defence free-riders have unfairly burdened hardworking Americans. He may be unconventional, narcissistic and erratic, but voters knew that when they elected him.

Perhaps enough Americans still believe in Washington’s Great Experiment. Having been alienated by the ruling elite, they picked a “regular person”, however imperfect, to restore faith in American exceptionalism. Trump may fail. But, if he does, expect the deplorables’ revolution to continue and intensify.

hat-tip Stephen Neil