UK Report Confirms: Recycling Is a Pointless Exercise in Green Virtue-Signalling

UK Report Confirms: Recycling Is a Pointless Exercise in Green Virtue-Signalling, by James Delingpole.

Recycling is a waste of time and money which probably does more harm to the environment than good.

This is the message of a damning report produced for the UK government by the National Audit Office.

It confirms what many have long suspected: recycling is an empty ritual, devised by green zealots, enforced by bureaucrats, but with no practical benefits whatsoever.

Obviously, being an official report, it doesn’t state the truth quite so bluntly. But it leaves the reader in no doubt that Britain’s recycling targets are just an empty, EU-driven exercise in green virtue-signalling and that the whole process positively invites fraud and corruption. …

As we have argued before at Breitbart News, recycling is nothing but a form of state-enforced green religious observance.

It’s needlessly costly and time-consuming but what really drags it to the level of criminal lunacy is that it fails to achieve the one thing it’s designed for: improving the health of the planet.

On the contrary, recycling leads to more not less pollution. This was confirmed in a recent report for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which found that a significant proportion of the plastic waste now choking the oceans emanates from fake recycling operations in the developing world.

The economics are obvious: if you make the disposal of waste unnecessarily complicated and expensive, then you incentivise criminals to come in and fill the gap.

Unfortunately, greens don’t do real economics – only the pretend economics of “sustainability” – so this global problem is unlikely to go away any time soon.

hat-tip Barry Corke