Toronto Shooting: Following the Script

Toronto Shooting: Following the Script.

Remember the original news stories, two days ago, that said

The motive for the shooting is unknown

and carefully didn’t reveal the attacker’s identity or even his name? Just told us that his neighbors thought he was a nice guy? Then it came out that his name was Faisal Hussain and that he had an Iranian background, but still no mention of Islam.

Now the rest of the story comes out: it was a very political, race/region based shooting. The PC establishment in Canada has gone very quiet and changed the topic, again. We are being systematically lied to.

Listen to what we are not being told. This is outrageous but, sadly, fairly routine now.

UPDATE, it’s official: Authorities say no link to terrorism in Toronto rampage that left 2 dead, 13 injured, by Rob Gillies.

The alleged assailant, Faisal Hussain, died after an exchange of gunfire with police. His family has said he suffered from lifelong “severe mental health challenges” but they never imagined he would do such a thing. …

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Public Safety knocked down suspicions of any links to terrorism.

“At this stage, based on the state of the investigation, which is led by the Toronto police service, there is no connection between that individual and national security,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said.

Like Bismarck said, never believe anything unless it’s been officially denied.

This would be funny if it weren’t so serious. By the way, that’s the theme of what is widely regarded as the best cartoon from Australia:

hat-tip Grant