Electricity Bills in South Australia and Other Australian States Skyrocket

Electricity Bills in South Australia and Other Australian States Skyrocket, by the Institute for Energy Research.

Over 100,000 Australian families had their power cut off last year, and another 100,000 are on payment plans with their power providers …

Average wholesale prices in 2017 increased 85 percent in Victoria (VIC) and 32 percent in South Australia (SA). Average wholesale prices in New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD) increased 63 percent and 53 percent, respectively.

All because our politicians believe the carbon dioxide theory of global warming, despite the ample empirical evidence that something is seriously wrong with the theory. Note that they did not audit the theory or fund a red team or hold a Royal Commission to investigate whether the theory was true — on the contrary, they used state power to suppress opponents of the theory. Our political class wanted to believe that carbon was a threat. By the way, we have discovered the error present in all of the climate models that is responsible for this mess — book coming soon.