Why the American left hates Putin and Russia

Why the American left hates Putin and Russia. It’s culture war. He is not PC, and he speaks against it. Putin nails it:

Or maybe they just believe that Putin somehow helped Trump win.

Lion of the Blogosphere:

The Russia conspiracy is the left’s birtherism. Obama-haters on the right were convinced that Obama couldn’t possibly be a legitimate president, and if only they could prove that Obama was born in Kenya (which they actually believed) then Obama could be impeached or something like that.

The most important difference between birtherism and the Russia conspiracy is that birtherism was mocked by the fakestream media, while the fakestream media is giving a big loudspeaker to proponents of the Russia conspiracy.


It is not mutually exclusive to note that the USSR is documented as having set out to undermine the West’s Judaeo-Christian traditions (as the communists set out to destroy their own). Perhaps the children of these efforts in the West (i.e. the left leaning liberals) recognise that Putin is pulling the rug from under their political philosophical feet by insisting Russia restore those Judaeo-Christian traditions that lie at the heart of the West.

This would be why the liberals of the West hate him so much – Communism been there done that – it doesn’t work!

I don’t know for sure how this ex-KGB agent actually behaves with all the power he has mustered, but I watched a series of Putin interviews where he spelt out his philosophical and historical perspective and lamented the collapse of these traditions in the West. It was in the same way, after watching Trump speak to the New York Jewish lobby early in the election campaign (when I picked him to win the election). I can see something similar in Putin that puts him and Trump at the front end of a new emerging zeitgeist.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin has already acknowledged the USSR’s destructive efforts in this regard. Modern western journalists would run a mile from this, so maybe it happened and we didn’t hear about it. But much of those old Soviet archives released to the West in 1990 seem to have been smothered or re-hidden by the liberal academics, afraid not only of this but also the revelations that the ‘McCarthy witch hunt’ actually found and exposed witches (red ones) in the main.

I actually know first-hand of two such academics who joined Jane Fonda and others in North Vietnam during the Vietnam war, trained in the USSR and so on, and came back to Australia to march through and successfully take over the educational institutions in Victoria. These people and numerous others like them are certainly central to the fact that the people’s republic of Victoria exists in its current form, and has ‘progressed’ so far down the ‘liberal’ big government path.