Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern: No Nazis Under the Bed

Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern: No Nazis Under the Bed, by James Doogue.

With few exceptions, the Australian mainstream media has been covering Canadian YouTube personalities Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern as ‘far-right’, ‘racists’, Islamophobic, and ‘hate speech’ promoters. Protesters have added ‘fascists,’ as that seems to be the popular insult of the day for non-PC spokespersons.

Had any of those journalists bothered to attend one of the events, they would have been sorely disappointed. They would have had to break the news to the protestors who had tried to stop the events from proceeding — there were no fascists or racists on stage, just plenty of politically incorrect ideas. Alas, no KKK or ODESSA baby boomers.

On Sunday night I went to listen to Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux at the Perth Convention Centre.

In the early news Channel 7 incorrectly claimed Lauren Southern was a self admitted racist and fascist … In the late news, Channel 7 had a reporter standing in front of a bunch of protesters at the Perth Convention Centre. They were shouting chants about racism and fascism, no doubt on cue for the camera. It was a tight shot in an attempt to make a couple of dozen people look like a crowd.

By the time I arrived at 7.30 pm, the protestors were nowhere to be seen. So the protest was for the media, and the media duly gave the impression of lots of protestors. The media declined to cover the contents of the talk, but just broadcast the protestor’s false version of what it was about. Channel 7 viewers were thus misinformed about what happened. What sort of name does one give to this sort of lying? Is “propaganda” too strong?

Read the link if you want to find out what was said 🙂

I went to the talk too, and James has recorded the highlights accurately enough.