France wins World Cup, then riots

France wins World Cup, then riots. By Taki Theodoracopulos.

Remember Barack Obama? He was recently down in South Africa ignoring the murder of white farmers to comment that not all of France’s World Cup team’s members “looked like Gauls to me. But they’re French! They’re French.”

Well, it depends on how you define “French.” If you want to get all racist about it, over half of the team’s players have genetic roots in sub-Saharan Africa rather than in France. Seven of them are practicing Muslims. A mere six of the team’s 23 players are white.

Last week, France’s soccer team defeated an all-white, all-Croatian team 4-2 to win the World Cup, and this was all the hired puppets needed to declare the victory as definitive proof that Europe isn’t being ravaged down to its bone marrow by immigration. Many gloated that Marine Le Pen and their ilk were having their noses rubbed in black skin.

A CNN mind-control robot wrote that

France’s electrifying 4-2 World Cup win over Croatia represents a victory for Africa and immigrants everywhere…the World Cup champions remind us all that, in an era of globalization, racial and ethnic diversity represent an enduring strength at all levels of society….

As Paul Kersey has noted, when an all-white Italian team won the cup in 2006 and an all-white Spanish team snagged it 2010, the mainstream press wasn’t prattling on about racial purity and ethnostates. One might even start suspecting that the mainstream press is, like, biased or something.


Within moments of France’s victory, riots and looting and window-smashing and car-burning erupted throughout what once was a nation, requiring a police force of 100,000 to keep France from collapsing entirely. A review of footage reveals that the rioters were predominately of the type that are currently invading and enriching France. …

Meanwhile, in the Croatian capital of Zagreb, a presumably 99% Croatian crowd mobbed the city’s center to celebrate their upstart team’s unlikely second-place finish. Not a single incident of violence was recorded.