Emma Husar: Labor ‘slaves’ tell of doing MP’s chores

Emma Husar: Labor ‘slaves’ tell of doing MP’s chores, by Andrew Clennell.

An internal ALP investigation is weighing allegations against federal MP Emma Husar — including that a taxpayer-funded staffer moved into her house to perform domestic duties — in a probe that could lead to her disendorsement from her marginal seat.

Senior party figures last night appeared to be closing ranks behind the first-term MP for the western Sydney seat of Lindsay, despite her facing allegations from as many as 20 former staffers who claim they were bullied, verbally abused and in some cases treated like slaves. One staff member, ­Vanessa Song, is said to have been used to perform domestic duties for Ms Husar. …

Sources told The Weekend Australian it was common for Ms Husar to require staff to serve in work time as “babysitters” for two of her three children, to wash dishes, walk her dog, clean up dog ­excrement and do other chores.

It was also reported yesterday that Ms Husar allegedly told a male staff member to do her dishes so he could learn about “white male privilege”.

An advertisement for a media and policy adviser in Ms Husar’s office, circulated via internal Labor email, listed tasks including “running errands” and “supporting various personal, professional and family obligations” for the taxpayer-funded position. …

The report is believed to have investigated alleged bullying, verbal abuse and other behaviour towards electorate staff. As a backbencher, Ms Husar is entitled to four electorate staff. She is understood to have lost 20 in the past two years.

The large group of former staffers to have complained are reluctant to speak publicly at this stage, fearing possible retribution. …

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese defended Ms Husar, saying he knew she was a single mother who worked incredibly hard and represented her electorate very strongly.

Here she is:

All that left wing rhetoric about feminism and working people is only until they get into power, for some. New Labor is just another power-hungry elite living it up at our expense, a new class of bosses. Let’s see if Labor at least sacks her, but don’t get your hopes up.