Women ‘not developed’ to be CEOs, activist Lauren Southern says

Women ‘not developed’ to be CEOs, activist Lauren Southern says, by Rhian Deutrom.

Lauren Southern, 23, is preparing to speak at a number of secret locations around Australia starting tonight about her controversial views on issues such as feminism, sexuality and the Islamic faith.

Touching down in Australia this week, Southern was photographed wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the message “It’s OK to be white”. …

“The majority of women that go into law, or a large number of them, tend to drop out of it before they’re 30, because they’re like, ‘Well this is miserable’,” she said.

“I think (feminism) has become completely obsolete, not just obsolete but counter-productive to women’s happiness”.

She also claimed during the television interview that the “vast majority of Muslims worldwide” support rather barbaric practices.

“That is not a religion which is coherent or amicable with the western world,” Southern said.

“Islam is based on submission. You submit to Allah and if you leave you die”.

Southern then took aim at the transgender community, stating that people who believe they’re transgender were suffering from a “genuine delusion”.

“It’s body dysmorphia and that is a mental illness, right?” Southern said.

When challenged by the reporter that her comments were offensive, Southern said “it doesn’t matter if they’re offensive”.

“I am here to basically address the same problem that much of the West is facing right now, and that is the recent bug of progressivism and multiculturalism,” she said.

“I’m just a voice for a lot of people who can’t speak up because they’re afraid of being fired from their jobs, they’re afraid of being excommunicated”. …

She has been banned from entering the UK and has received countless death threats.