Victoria police bill Lauren Southern for Melbourne event

Victoria police bill Lauren Southern for Melbourne event, by AAP.

Professional provocateur Lauren Southern has reportedly been sent a $68,000 bill from Victoria Police for their resources to be used at her show in Melbourne on Friday.

The Canadian commentator is expected to share her controversial views on multiculturalism, Islam and feminism during the event, at an undisclosed location, on Friday.

An email from Victoria Police quotes the total cost as $230,000 but said police would only charge her $67,842.50, News Corp Australia reported.

So the state bureaucrats can influence who can speak and what can be said publicly by selectively charging for enforcing the law? Or the left can effectively shut down speech they don’t like by threatening to turn up and demonstrate. Magnificent. Free speech whittled away by the left.

Note that Southern is being charged for the actions of others. Would that ever happen to a member of the left?

I don’t recall any PC speaker ever being charged protection money, or having to keep the venue location secret until just before the event.

UPDATE: Is the left really tolerant, or only to people who agree with them? Look at what it’s done to these kids:

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Pierce