Google to Host Talk on ‘White Fragility’

Google to Host Talk on ‘White Fragility’, by Allum Bokhari.

Google will host a talk next month on the topic of “white fragility,” delivered by a far-left academic who routinely makes racist, blanket statements about white people, even though it prevents the invitation of moderate anti-leftist speakers like Jordan Peterson, sources within the company tell Breitbart News.

Google’s Area 120, an internal startup incubator, is collaborating with Google’s Center for Racial Equality and Systemic Transformation (CREST) to bring Dr. Robin DiAngelo, a far-left academic who coined the racist concept “white fragility” in 2011, and recently published a book on the subject. ..

This is a direct violation of Google’s own community guidelines, which calls on employees to “avoid blanket statements about groups or categories of people” and prohibits “pigeonhol[ing] people into categorical boxes based on their belonging to a certain group — whether that’s a legally protected class such as race, gender, sexuality or veteran status — or simply a stereotype about any group of people.”

These are the people who index the world’s information, thereby controlling your access to it.

hat-tip Stephen Neil