Australian Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge flags values test for migrants

Australian Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge flags values test for migrants, by Simon Benson.

Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge has warned Australia is veering towards a “European separatist multicultural model”, flagging a rethink of immigration settings that could include new migrants being assessed against Australian values before being granted permanent residency. …

In the wake of the Turnbull government’s recent cuts to the annual permanent migration ­intake from 190,000 under Labor to less than 163,000 this year, Mr Tudge flagged potential changes to the vetting process to elevate a values assessment for new ­entrants.

He said the current practice of granting permanent residency to about 100,000 migrants a year ­before “ever stepping foot in Australia” needed “further consideration”. …

“Our ship is slightly veering ­towards a European separatist multicultural model and we want to pull it back to be firmly on the Australian integrated path,” he warned.

Mr Tudge, who is also the Multiculturalism Minister, ­repeated the Turnbull government’s commitment to an English language skills test for those seeking permanent residency and said that same principle should be ­extended to “values”.

“We place an emphasis on Australian values as the glue that holds the nation together,” he told the meeting. …

He pointed out that in Australia, diversity, tolerance and inclusion were now the “near universally cited principles by NGOs, companies and the elite when discussing our multi-ethnic society”. “Diversity can be great, but not when it includes those who want sharia law and will use violence to achieve their ends,’’ he said.

This is going to send the left into a tizzy of blind rage. The left would prefer a simple test of whether they vote left or not, while only accepting the former immigrants of course.